emtek® stands for Engineered Mat Technology

The emtek® product was first developed at the University of Maine in 2001. The original research and design work was intended to produce a high strength wood composite made from a low grade hardwood resource from residential and light commercial building applications. The product that resulted not only achieved high strength from low grade material, but was also highly durable in industrial environments by nature of the laminated hardwood. The ultimate marketplace became aggressive industrial environments that used wood in structural applications.

The emtek® product is now produced in Sheridan, Arkansas.

  1. This process begins by machining rough hardwood boards to the proper dimensions for laminating.
  2. Boards are first ripped to a width that will ultimately yield the mat thickness.
  3. Ripped boards are surfaced on the top and bottom to prepare a uniform surface for laminating.
  4. Adhesive is then applied to each lamination.
  5. Each lamination is set on edge and nested into the lay-up to create an un-pressed billet. Lay-up enters press.
  6. Billets are pressed using heat and pressure.
  7. The pressed billets are machined to final dimensions.
  8. Billets are machined to receive connection hardware.
  9. Each billet is proof loaded to ensure adequate strength and quality.
  10. Billets are fastened together to achieve the required mat width.
  11. Finished mats are inventoried to support customer needs.