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The Mat Source is an online market-place for those who make mats (Suppliers) and those who need mats (Buyers). We pride ourselves on facilitating Suppliers in promoting their products while simultaneously using our expertise to help Buyers make the best possible decision regarding the purchase or rental of crane mats.

Our process is simple. We display the inventories of hundreds of Suppliers from around the nation so that Buyers have only one place to look for the best prices and most convenient locations. The Mat Source does all the leg work from start to finish. We have created an efficient, user-friendly process so that both Buyers and Suppliers can stick to what they do best without wasting time in the tedious process of exchange.

The Mat Source makes it simple to list your mats online.

To sell mats online, simply complete our “sell mats” form located here.

Second, download and read The Mat Source Terms and Conditions as well as The Mat Source Seller Agreement. These two documents contain the conditions and procedures and outline the roles of the Supplier, the Buyer, and The Mat Source. Click here for the Direct Sales terms and conditions and here for the Seller Agreement.

Once we receive your form, we will contact you with any questions we may have and list your items for sale on our site.

The Mat Source does all the leg work for you. As Buyers search for and find your mats, we will obtain a credit application and purchase order so all you have to do is approve the order after a PO has been received.

The Mat Source takes all the work out of buying or renting crane mats.

First, using one of our search methods, Buyers browse through our inventory of listings to find the mats that fit their requirements. Each listing features detailed information specific to that set of mats.

Second, once the prospective Buyer has found the right set of mats, a quote request must be submitted in order to obtain a freight cost estimate as well as to double check the availability of the mats requested. Quote requests can be submitted here.

Third, in order for the quote to become an order, the Buyer must submit company credit information in the form of our Credit Application as well as a signed the quote (once signed the quote becomes a purchase order). At this point the Buyer is obligated to pay for the order so long as it is approved by the The Mat Source. Buyers can download the Credit Application and Terms here.

No Time? No Problem. The Mat Source understands that the demands of your job can make it impossible for you to take enough time to use even our simple process. We have a sales staff ready to take your calls anytime you need. Even on weekends, a representative of The Mat Source will respond to your call within an hour in most cases.

Once the Order is approved

Payment Arrangements are made

Shipping is arranged by The Mat Source

Mats are shipped to the Buyer

After delivery is completed and the Buyer is satisfied with the mats.

Then The Mat Source will invoice the Buyer.

A very easy and simple process.


If you have problems or issues at any point of the transaction, The Mat Source is available anytime to serve its customers. Call 877-867-6287 for support. Or Email us @ customerservice@thematsource.com

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