Regardless of the project, The Mat Source provides mats for every construction project. Whether it is on a pipeline, powerline, or within challenging terrain, The Mat Source maintains a wide range of access mats.

Composite Mats

The Mat Source offers a full catalog of options in composite matting. These solutions provide ground protection for any industry and any project. Unlike hardwood mats, composites are reusable job after job and significantly lighter in weight, reducing freight costs. Additionally, because of our partnership and inventory, we offer the largest variety of composite mats.

 Light-Duty Mats  Heavy-Duty Mats

Timber Mats

Timber mats, or crane mats, are the most common form of construction mat used today. Built from 4 to 7 pieces of solid timber, there are three main forms of the timber mat, designated by the dimensions of the timbers used. The 12 inch, 10 inch, and 8 inch timber mats, so named for their respective depths, represent over ninety percent of the timber mats cut in the United States. Typically made four or five feet wide and anywhere from sixteen to fifty feet long, crane mats are composed of solid oak, douglas fir, or a combination of mixed hardwood depending on the application.

Laminated Mats

Laminated mats are ideal for powerline projects when lighter equipment is needed.

Transition Mats

Transition mats provide easy access for equipment onto matted platforms and areas with steep inclines.

emtek® Mats

Emtek mats are made of laminated hardwoods. These mats are lightweight, weighing nearly half the weight of a standard hardwood mat, providing minimal impact on wetlands.

CLT Mats

CLT mats are a lightweight access solution The Mat Source offers. These mats are ideal on powerline projects and could provide significant cost savings.

Rig Mats

RigTrak is the least expensive compared to other rig mats. It has long life-easy access wood insert replacement system, 3 styles of pick up points, and is engineered with reinforced areas. RigTrak’s Wood Door Replacement System is Patent Pending.

  • Available in 2 sizes 6” x 8’ X 20’ and 6” x 8’ x 40
  • Weights: 3747 for smaller (20’) RigTrak and 7275 lbs. for larger (40’) RigTrak
  • 6 Mats per truckload (40’) and 12 Mats per truckload (20’) based upon 48,000LBS. Capacity Truck
  • 3 beam steel frame with Dense Mixed Hardwood Block inserts
  • Can be used as a rig mat and or access mat
  • The 40’ RigTrak mat has 8 (wood) compartments

Rental Mats

Used Mats